Samsung will soon launch the Foldable Phone

There is a good news for Samsung's smartphone users. Samsung can soon launch its foldable smartphone for its customers. The name of this phone is 'Winner'. It is being said that this phone can be launched in the beginning of 2019. Samsung is working on its new foldable smartphone. Information about this phone has also been leaked. The company has given a 7.3-inch OLED display in this phone. With this, the screen will turn 4.3 inches after turning. There will be a Bezel Lace display and it can be folded like a regular compact smartphone.

Foldable smartphone

Samsung's Foldable Smartphone

Samsung will make a separate brand endeasy for a foldable smartphone, which will be different from Galaxy X and Note series. According to the Wall Street Journal, the price of this phone can be around 1,300$ (that is, about Rs 1,03,000 in India). According to reports, users can use Samsung's phone as a tablet, and after completing the work, it can be folded easily. Talk about this phone's battery, it will have a foldable battery. This battery can be between 3,000mAh capacity and 6,000mAh capacity.

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Samsung will create OLED display panel

Let us know that the 'Samsung Display' will create a pilot line in Korea's Assen to create the Foldable OLED display panel. Under this project, Samsung will start work in summer season and seeing all the problems well, will go ahead for work on second stage in September. By the end of this year, the company will produce 100,000 units of OLED display. It will be able to make 1 million by next year.
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